Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Wiggles!!!!

Emelia was soooo happy as we prepared to see her first concert....The Wiggles!!! Emmalyn was only two when I took her for the first time to The Wiggles and she stood there in awe the entire time...never moved! Emelia....not the same at all!! That girl put on her wiggles concert hat and danced, sang and moved to every song they sang!

Emelia even took a hand made rose to give to Dorothy the Dinosaur. One of the wiggly dancers came out into the audience to get the roses from all the little people in the audience who brought one for the lovable dino. Emelia very carefully gave her rose to the dancer and just stared at him. Every time she sees him on a Wiggles video she makes sure to let you know that he is the one she gave the rose to!!

At the beginning of the concert I handed Rob the camera and he was supposed to be taking pictures...I looked over only to see him singing and smiling at the wiggles instead of taking pictures...from that point on I was in charge of the picture taking!!!!!
We had a great time as a family enjoying something that has been part of our lives for 6 years...The Fabulous Wiggles!!!!!!!

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