Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Had a thought!

I was on my way to Irvine yesterday and started thinking about the past two years. I was trying to understand what brought me to this point in my life. I sometimes hate having too much time alone! I began to think about everything from the beginning of all the sickness and how I was pregnant and sooooo sick and thought about how after Emelia I felt good for about three months. I remember thinking, "thanks God for healing me and for Emelia's good health". In September I began having a little trouble breathing and from there it just became worse! By October it was bad and by November.....well I was in a hospital bed more than my own bed!! faith became soooo strong and I am so thankful for the lessons God taught me through all that I went through...not to mention the amazing blessings that came from it....Rob was baptised, my mom accepted Christ and was baptised, I learned to not sweat the small stuff and I learned that I have the best friends and family EVER!!!!!!!! I was sitting here the other night and was thinking, "are my kids seriously ever going to go to sleep tonight????" (It was 11:00P.M.)!!!! God spoke to me yesterday on my drive.....He said that He gives me times like that with my kiddo's (sorry tears), to make for all the times I was not with them while I was sick. You see, I missed a great deal of both Emmalyn and Emelia's life while in the hospital and even when I was home I was doing good to take care of myself let alone both of my girls! I am so grateful to God for giving me the "make-up" time with my girls!! It was fun watching TV with them and watching them play in the new house. It was a blessing to me!! Thanks God for the lesson you taught me...once again You have blessed my life and reminded me of what is important!!!

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