Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Wiggles!!!!

Emelia was soooo happy as we prepared to see her first concert....The Wiggles!!! Emmalyn was only two when I took her for the first time to The Wiggles and she stood there in awe the entire time...never moved! Emelia....not the same at all!! That girl put on her wiggles concert hat and danced, sang and moved to every song they sang!

Emelia even took a hand made rose to give to Dorothy the Dinosaur. One of the wiggly dancers came out into the audience to get the roses from all the little people in the audience who brought one for the lovable dino. Emelia very carefully gave her rose to the dancer and just stared at him. Every time she sees him on a Wiggles video she makes sure to let you know that he is the one she gave the rose to!!

At the beginning of the concert I handed Rob the camera and he was supposed to be taking pictures...I looked over only to see him singing and smiling at the wiggles instead of taking pictures...from that point on I was in charge of the picture taking!!!!!
We had a great time as a family enjoying something that has been part of our lives for 6 years...The Fabulous Wiggles!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Concert for Emmalyn!!

Emmalyn and I went to the David Archuleta and Demi Lavato concert at the Nokia center last Friday night! We had a good time aside of the abnoxious screaming that was taking place in my right ear (literally). The picture above was Demi Lavato's tour bus, Emma and I saw them loading some stuff into the big trucks next to her bus.
If you look at the center of the picture...that is Demi singing the theme song to her hit Disney show, Sonny with a chance. Emma had a blast at the concert....ok so at first we had a little trouble with how loud the place was, it made her a little nervous. As soon as David Archuleta hit the stage she was fine and we were singing and dancing to his fab music.

For those that don't know David Archuleta is the runner up for American Idol 2008/2009. I love his music and Emma says he is cute...I have to agree he is cute in a way too young kind of way! The picture above is Emmalyn singing along with David and one of his amazing songs.

This is another picture of David singing "crush". We had a great time that night just my girl and me!!!!! I am looking forward to a lifetime of more moments like these!!! Oh did I mention that this Sat. I get to experience THE WIGGLES in concert for the second time....Emma was a HUGE wiggles fan and Emelia is just as big if not bigger!!! We are ready to ROCK Wiggles style!!!

Let's Go GNO...Woo-Woo!!!

Our Monday night Mom2Mom group had a mommy night out at Rodrigo's!! It was yummy food, good friends, and good music. We wish more of our leaders could of made it but here are the one's that made it...Ariana, Paige, Lisa, Stacy, Lorayne and I!! This ministry is such an amazing blessing to everyone and these amazing women have stepped up and answered God to serve as leaders!

I have been blessed by each woman I have come to know through Mom2Mom over the past 8 years. These women have supported me through a lot of trials with my health and all!

I am excited and greatful to be coordinating this year with Lorayne! She has a fantastic heart for friends and a love for God!! Together, all the leaders that serve here at Crossroads Mom2Mom are going to make our 2009/2010 year one to remember!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July....Pesic Style!

We had a lot of fun on the 4th this year! I spent the morning with just me and the girls. We did the normal, watch Yo Gabba lunch for breakfast (long story)...and Mia took her nap...well sort of! My mom is out of town, my dad worked, and Rob.....he worked from 6a.m-1a.m.!!! My in-laws came to spend the rest of the day with the girls and I... so we decided to go join in the festivities at Santana park and visit Rob as he worked hard in the hot, hot sun!!
Aunt Michelle was dared (by me) to go on the surfing blow-up thing...she was AWESOME!! The worker was turning the level up to make the board go faster and Michelle just rode that thing like you wouldn't believe!! Everyone was standing there checking her out!!! She seriously needs to try surfing!! Emmalyn was having a blast playing all the games and getting the free airbrush tatoo's. Everytime she came back to the table we were sitting at she had a new one on her body somewhere. She was the ladies best didn't help that they were free!!

Rob had to work a very long day yesterday!! Now that he works for the City of Corona, Parks Department he is working almost all of the fun events. This particular one is very draining for him, they wear their long sleeve shirts, pants, boots...the whole get-up! I can't imagine because I was dying in my shorts (and very white legs), flip-flops, and t-shirt! It was sooo cute because evertime Emelia would see Rob she would yell, "Daddy, Daddy!!!!" Rob would run over and get a fast hug and be off again!

She loves her do I!!! I hope your 4th was a happy, blessed day too!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Not just a question!

Soooo I took Emelia to the cardiologist on Thursday...I had to do this after her pediatrician heard a heart murmur during a visit for a rash she had recently! I went in to that cardiologist with hopes of hearing that it was an innocent heart murmur and she would grow out of it...these are the words I heard...but...I also heard some other words I wasn't sure about. When we got to the cardiologist's office they put us in a room and we hear the Dr. say he wanted to do an echo cardiogram to be safe with murmur thing. They did the echo and then we waited some more...I heard a little knock on the door and of course thought it was the Dr. to my surprise it was the nurse coming in to now do a EKG. My stomach immediately went into crazy mom mode and I was thinking what did they find!!!! When all was said and done the Dr. came in to tell me that Mia's heart is too big for her body size and age...WHAT!!!! I was so stunned that I did not asked any questions and when he said we would like to see her in 3-6 months I said, "Oh...plan on three!!". I guess you could say this is a two part blog...when I find out more after talking to the pediatrician on Monday I will let all of you know what comes next. I am praying for God's mercy on my little angel!! I will end with this...when we arrived at the Dr. building Emelia and I were holding hands walking down the hall to his office and Mia said, "Momma, why I at the Dr.?" I said, "well baby, they want to listen to your heart." Emelia replied, "my heart OK momma?"...I said, "you have a big, beautiful heart baby!!"