Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July....Pesic Style!

We had a lot of fun on the 4th this year! I spent the morning with just me and the girls. We did the normal, watch Yo Gabba lunch for breakfast (long story)...and Mia took her nap...well sort of! My mom is out of town, my dad worked, and Rob.....he worked from 6a.m-1a.m.!!! My in-laws came to spend the rest of the day with the girls and I... so we decided to go join in the festivities at Santana park and visit Rob as he worked hard in the hot, hot sun!!
Aunt Michelle was dared (by me) to go on the surfing blow-up thing...she was AWESOME!! The worker was turning the level up to make the board go faster and Michelle just rode that thing like you wouldn't believe!! Everyone was standing there checking her out!!! She seriously needs to try surfing!! Emmalyn was having a blast playing all the games and getting the free airbrush tatoo's. Everytime she came back to the table we were sitting at she had a new one on her body somewhere. She was the ladies best didn't help that they were free!!

Rob had to work a very long day yesterday!! Now that he works for the City of Corona, Parks Department he is working almost all of the fun events. This particular one is very draining for him, they wear their long sleeve shirts, pants, boots...the whole get-up! I can't imagine because I was dying in my shorts (and very white legs), flip-flops, and t-shirt! It was sooo cute because evertime Emelia would see Rob she would yell, "Daddy, Daddy!!!!" Rob would run over and get a fast hug and be off again!

She loves her do I!!! I hope your 4th was a happy, blessed day too!!!

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