Friday, July 3, 2009

Not just a question!

Soooo I took Emelia to the cardiologist on Thursday...I had to do this after her pediatrician heard a heart murmur during a visit for a rash she had recently! I went in to that cardiologist with hopes of hearing that it was an innocent heart murmur and she would grow out of it...these are the words I heard...but...I also heard some other words I wasn't sure about. When we got to the cardiologist's office they put us in a room and we hear the Dr. say he wanted to do an echo cardiogram to be safe with murmur thing. They did the echo and then we waited some more...I heard a little knock on the door and of course thought it was the Dr. to my surprise it was the nurse coming in to now do a EKG. My stomach immediately went into crazy mom mode and I was thinking what did they find!!!! When all was said and done the Dr. came in to tell me that Mia's heart is too big for her body size and age...WHAT!!!! I was so stunned that I did not asked any questions and when he said we would like to see her in 3-6 months I said, "Oh...plan on three!!". I guess you could say this is a two part blog...when I find out more after talking to the pediatrician on Monday I will let all of you know what comes next. I am praying for God's mercy on my little angel!! I will end with this...when we arrived at the Dr. building Emelia and I were holding hands walking down the hall to his office and Mia said, "Momma, why I at the Dr.?" I said, "well baby, they want to listen to your heart." Emelia replied, "my heart OK momma?"...I said, "you have a big, beautiful heart baby!!"

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  1. I just went through this exact situation with my little Aidan. They found a "significant heart murmur" and scheduled all the above. When all was said and done, he has a healthy heart, with a murmur that he will live with for the rest of his life. He can do all the same things we always have, i.e. Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain...anything Disneyland ;-) Our prayers are with you and your beautiful family!