Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Concert for Emmalyn!!

Emmalyn and I went to the David Archuleta and Demi Lavato concert at the Nokia center last Friday night! We had a good time aside of the abnoxious screaming that was taking place in my right ear (literally). The picture above was Demi Lavato's tour bus, Emma and I saw them loading some stuff into the big trucks next to her bus.
If you look at the center of the picture...that is Demi singing the theme song to her hit Disney show, Sonny with a chance. Emma had a blast at the concert....ok so at first we had a little trouble with how loud the place was, it made her a little nervous. As soon as David Archuleta hit the stage she was fine and we were singing and dancing to his fab music.

For those that don't know David Archuleta is the runner up for American Idol 2008/2009. I love his music and Emma says he is cute...I have to agree he is cute in a way too young kind of way! The picture above is Emmalyn singing along with David and one of his amazing songs.

This is another picture of David singing "crush". We had a great time that night just my girl and me!!!!! I am looking forward to a lifetime of more moments like these!!! Oh did I mention that this Sat. I get to experience THE WIGGLES in concert for the second time....Emma was a HUGE wiggles fan and Emelia is just as big if not bigger!!! We are ready to ROCK Wiggles style!!!

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  1. How Fun!! I love the last picture of the two of you...beautiful!