Thursday, February 11, 2010

What God Had Planned

I can't tell what a difference I feel after getting all of that off my chest yesterday!!! If you are like me and you tend to hold all things in you totally understand what I mean!!! I want to share a little with you about the things God had planned for my life when He chose my parents. God knew exactly what He was doing...imagine that!!!! I have the most amazing mom you could ask for...not saying we haven't had our differences...believe me we have...but my mom is that mom that most people would die to have...she stands by me, loves me unconditionally, understands me, allows me to be, me! She has been my biggest fan and support and always been in the stands cheering the loudest!!! When I was sick and in the hospital my mom was off work staying with me during the day and Robert with me at night. My mom...she is a true from God!!!
Now there is my dad...Bob Hardcastle!!! This man is THE most amazing dad!!!!!!! I have to admit that I never really got to know him until I was in my adult years...don't get me wrong, he was always around...I just never took the time to really know him!!! I have this image that has been in my mind and heart since I was, my mom and my dad in a court room talking to a I was not in trouble...hahahaha!!! My dad was adopting me....I was no longer a Johnston...I was now a Hardcastle....THANK YOU LORD JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad is so loving, patient, kind, respectful, caring, understanding, you get the point....if you do not know this man....YOU SHOULD!!!! This is the man that was cheering in the stands, at all the dance recitals, at all the volleyball games....again you get it!!!! This is the man that I would go on walks with my mom and have to pick up any kind of nut and bolt that I found to give to him for his tool box. This is the man that would take a piece of wood and start driving nails into it and then hand me the hammer so that I could hang out in the garage with him and do cool daddy stuff! This is the man who danced (reluctantly) with me to "My Girl" at my wedding!!! This is the man that while I was sick and in the hospital was at my side and shared God's truth me about all I was feeling and told me that he wasn't sure why I was going through what I was but he knew God knew!!! This was also the man who took on an infant and a 6 year old all on his own while I was in and out of the hospital and at home healing. I have to last blog was my feeling in weakness, it was about sharing with you how I hold on to things and keep things hidden in my heart, it was about how God has another time of growing for me through this part of my life journey....I am happy and proud of my family! I am so blessed and overwhelmed (in a good way) at times at how fortunate I am to have the parents I have. I am here to say Thank You Lord for my parents. My biological father chose his life...the drugs...the woman...the controlling mom....but God had another plan for me! I embrace God's plan!!!

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